Hey, what’s up, I’m Kaiden Scott. I was born on March 15, 2005 in Nashville, TN. I live with my moms, sister and Grandma and the cutest chihuahua ever named Roo Sophia Grace. I am homeschooled and going into grade 7 in the fall.

I’ve always loved cameras. When I was a baby and was sad, my parents would pull out the camera and I would smile. Mom said it was because of the flash, but I think I liked being on film.

Growing up I always wanted to wear costumes everywhere – to preschool, to the grocery store and even to the doctor! I was fascinated with the Disney villains, especially Captain Hook and Jafar. I would act out scenes from my favorite movies, like Home Alone including all the stunts. My favorite time of year was Halloween because I knew that the day after, all the costumes would go on sale the and mom would replenish my costume trunk – which I still have filled today!

I officially started acting when I was eight years old. At a meeting with my first agency, I told the agent that I wanted to be in a Civil War movie (I LOVE history) and they told me they were actually in the process of auditioning for one, but they were only looking for adults. I told them I’d wear stilts and pretend – that’s how I actually landed my first agent! I love acting because it’s all about pretending. You get to play while being filmed, you get to become someone else. I love working on film. I’m not a fan of theatre, but if the right project came along, I’d totally do it. I really want to book the right role on a dramedy like Shameless or be in any project written by Seth Macfarlane, I love American Dad.

Here are some other things about me. I love to fence, beatbox, and create my own unique characters. I love working on accents and dialects. I like making things from my imagination – scripts, drawings and even a collection of painted pet rocks with their own names and personalities. I am really interested in science and want to make my own slime.

When I grow up, I want to be a regular on SNL or a police officer in the K9 unit with a German Shepherd partner. For now? I’m really enjoying being a kid who acts. When I’m not acting, I’ll be riding my bike, skateboard or scooter, banging my drums, playing trumpet, catching tadpoles or jumping off the high dive at the swimming pool.

Color: Blue
Food: Sushi
Drink: Sweet Tea (made by my Nana or from Sonic)
Song: All Star by Smashmouth
Movie: Suicide Squad
Actor: Leo DiCaprio
Actress: Anna Kendrick
TV Show: American Dad
Sport’s Team: Nashville Predators
Car: Lamborghini
Animal: German Shepherd
School Subject: Science or History

Kaiden’s official résumé can be downloaded below:
Kaiden Scott resume in PDF