I’m Kaiden. I am getting ready to embark on the journey of high school. It’s pretty exciting, but not nearly as exciting as being an actor, ice hockey goalie and dog lover. I’m all of those things. 

I was born in Nashville on March 15, 2005. I live with my little sister and mom. We all love animals and have our own dogs. Good thing it’s a small family!

I homeschool so I can pursue my dreams and also have a flexible learning plan that works with auditions, practices, filming and my dog’s need for constant attention. (I’m looking at you, Max Mercury!)

My mom used to pull out a camera when I was a baby because I’d stop crying and instantly smile. She thought it was the flash, guess it was just me loving the camera!

When I was really young, I always wanted to wear costumes everywhere – to preschool, to the grocery store and even to the doctor! I was fascinated with the Disney villains, especially Captain Hook and Jafar. I would act out scenes from my favorite movies, like Home Alone including all the stunts. 

My favorite time of year was (and still is!) Halloween. Not only is it great to put on a costume and get free candy, but I know that all the amazing costumes will be on sale the next day and I can stock up. While I don’t really dress up like a pirate or superhero anymore, I did just spend some hard earned money on a replica Game of Thrones helmet. I’m saving up for the armor!

I officially started acting when I was eight years old. I had a representation meeting with my first agency and told them I wanted to be in a Civil War movie (I LOVE history, favorite subject!) and they told me they were actually in the process of auditioning for one, but they were only looking for adults. I told them I’d wear stilts and pretend – that’s how I actually landed my first agent! (I actually got a role in that film, Men Go to Battle. I was in the “stir off” scene, but unless you have amazing vision, you probably won’t see me. I am credited, though!)

I love acting because it’s all about creating a character and making them real. You get to become someone else for a little while and learn more about yourself in the process. 

I love working on film. I’m not a fan of theatre, but if the right project came along, I’d totally do it. I really want to book a series regular role on a dramedy like Shameless or be in any project written by Seth Macfarlane, I love American Dad.

Here are some other things about me. I love to fence, beatbox, and create my own unique characters. I love working on accents and dialects. I like making things from my imagination – scripts, drawings and customized action figures. 

When I grow up, I want to be a regular on SNL, an NHL goalie or a police officer in the K9 unit with a German Shepherd partner.

For now? I’m really enjoying being a teenager who acts. When I’m not acting, I really love riding my bike, swimming, fixing things at the house for my mom and walking the neighbors’ dogs. If I could, I’d be on set or on the ice 24/7. Well, maybe not 24/7, I really do like my sleep!

Color: Blue
Food: Sushi (from Nama)
Drink: Sweet Tea (made by my Nana)
Band: Queen
Movie: Aladdin (original)
Actor: Leo DiCaprio
Actress: Anna Kendrick
TV Show: Game of Thrones
Sport’s Team: Nashville Predators
Car: Lamborghini
Animal: German Shepherd
School Subject: Science or History